Welcome to D&A!!


          Welcome to D&A Anime Blog; a place where fans of Anime and Manga can relax, chill, and talk about their favorite characters and shows! We’ve got a big variety of fun and exciting things for you guys to do here; such as our Cosplay Hall, Cons Near U, Miscellany Monday, Throwback Thursday, Anime and Manga Trivia, D&A Fridays, Slash Saturdays, D&A Fanfiction, D&A Videos, our tlk.io Chat Room, and so much More! Before you take off into the blog’s wild blue yonder, we’ve gotta few ground rules to follow:

KIC (Keep It Clean) – Just because most of the shows we watch are dirty, doesn’t mean your language has to be. In other words; no verbal abuse, no harassment of any kind, and no R-rated profanity.

NA (No Arguing) – Beware…there are lots of monsters about on the web, and some of them can cause trouble in paradise. That being said; there will be no fighting/arguing on this blog/site allowed. (Any Batman vs. Superman arguments are DEFINITELY not allowed on this site!)

HF (Have Fun) – You don’t need us to tell you that. 🙂

Got any questions? Let us know in the comments section.

Our Disclaimer – We here at D&A Anime Blog do NOT own any content posted on our site (such as anime characters and titles) as our own; except our original DJ-produced music and Mocumentary Videos. We give full credit and support to all the manga artists, their animation team, creators and producers, anime convention founders & staff, FUNimation, Aniplex, Gainax, Sentai Filmworks, Adult Swim’s Toonami, as well as all the other anime production studios out there creating some fun and exciting titles!

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